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Learning organisers

The next stage in curriculum development at William Barnes is for the staff to create documents called ‘Learning Organisers’.  The purpose of these documents is to make clear to parents and teachers

  1.  What knowledge and understanding the children should have before they start a new area of learning.
  2.  What knowledge they will be expected to gain during the period of an area of learning.
  3.  What they should know at the end of an area of learning.
  4.  The vocabulary they should be able to use and understand when the area of learning is complete.

An area of learning could be Forces in Science or The Vikings in History.  Sometimes, these are referred to as topics.

At the moment, staff are completing their Learning Organisers before the start of each half term.  It is hoped that by the Summer of 2023, Learning Organisers will have been completed for the whole curriculum.  This may sound like a very time consuming task, but in reality it is just a question of reformatting information that the staff already have into a consistent whole school format.  Furthermore, the Learning Organisers for PSHE, RE, Music and French are already created because the school subscribes to recommended schemes of work for these subjects.

As staff complete their Learning Organisers, they will be added to this page.