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Sporting Premium

A School's Vision for PE.

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Well done to all the staff at William Barnes for all their hard work towards the achievement of the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award 2018/2019 for the fourth year in succession.  This recognises the impact that the Sporting Premium funding has had on the health and well being of our pupils.

Please click below to see the 2020/2021 PE development plan.  This shows the way the school has planned to spend its sporting premium funding and the impact this has had for academic year 2018/2019 on the children’s health and well being.

PE Development Plan 2019/2020

All primary schools are now given special funding to improve the development of school sport.  At William Barnes this money has been spent in a number of ways

  • daily whole school wake and shake activity
  • active learning included in teacher’s weekly plans
  • to subsidise after school coaching (football, multi-skills, athletics, basketball, tennis, dodgeball and kayaking coaches have worked with the school in the past academic year)
  • to employ coaches to work alongside teachers in lessons (A PE coach works with all staff in years 1 to 6 for a half term – a basketball coach works with all staff in KS2 for half a term – a tennis coach works with each KS2 class as well)
  • to purchase new PE equipment (basketball hoops and stands, stop watches, rounders tees, a Sports Ambassadors noticeboard, football goals, stop watches, bibs, rounders bats and Change for Life club resources)
  • to pay for courses to allow staff to improve their subject knowledge (member of staff attended handball course and now runs a handball club, a member of staff has attended the Sports ambassadors training, a member of staff has attended a Change for Life club)
  • to pay teaching assistants to run after school clubs (Teaching assistants train the netball team after schooland are paid for this from Sporting Premium fund)
  • to pay supply cover for tournaments (Members of staff have attended football, cricket, rounders and rugby tournaments during the school day.)

The impact of the Sporting Premium Funding is proven by the school being awarded the Gold Sainsburys School Games award from 2015 – 2019

Strengths of the school include

  • Leadership opportunities for children as playtime buddies, skipping leaders, sports leaders, Wake and Shake leaders and Sports Ambassadors
  • Daily whole school Wake and Shake often led by children
  • Inter House competition in curriculum time with half termly tournaments added to school noticeboard in hall culminating in Sports day.
  • House Captains who help organise tournaments
  • Broad calendar of inter school competition opportunities including orienteering, tag rugby, football, netball, boccia, handball, basketball, cricket, rounders, swimming and athletics.
  • On site swimming pool
  • Wide range of extra curricular activities including football, tag rugby, netball, orienteering, cross country running, fencing, basketball, dodgeball, cricket, athletics, swimming and water volleyball all with high levels of participation.
  • Successful school sports teams (Tag-rugby A and B team tournament winners 2018/19, Netball winenrs 2018/19, Football A and B team tournament winners 2018/19, Cross Country winners in Year 4, 5 and 6 2018/19, Aquathon winners 2018/19)
  • Change for Life club for less active children
  • Links with local football, rugby, cricket, boxing, swimming and athletics clubs.
  • Opportunities for more able children to be extended or be signposted
  • Good and improving level of PE resources

Please click this link to download a detailed summary of expenditure on the Sporting Premium.

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