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Our Curriculum

At William Barnes, the school has recognised the importance of providing an exciting and stimulating curriculum tailored to the needs of the children locally as they live in the 21st century for many years and this has always been a strength of the school for the last twenty years or so.  To find out more about the curriculum please read our Teaching and Learning policy

Please  click here to read our Teaching and Learning Policy

This document is very detailed and contains the sub-policies which are listed below.  These documents have been created by the whole staff and the Governors over many years, under the leadership of Russell Field, our teaching and learning lead.  The approaches they describe are fully embedded in the school, representing day to day practice. Reading these will give you a strong sense of what makes our curriculum so unique and special.

Curriculum intent

Teaching and Learning policy

Home Learning


Our Curriculum Statement

Assessment for Learning Policy (AFL)

Growth Mindset

Marking and Feedback

Success and Improvement Marking Code

Editing Process for Substantial Writing

Learning Powers

Engaging Parents

Remote Learning Policy

Step Up September 2020 Policy

Step Forward March 2021 Policy

Curriculum Impact