Bridge Street, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, DT10 1BZ

Welcome to Reception

At William Barnes we use a play based interactive approach to deliver the Early Years Curriculum which focuses on seven key areas of learning. Reading, Writing and Maths are taught using a structured approach with whole class and small group adult led activities. Our pupils use the indoor classroom and outdoor areas choosing from a range of activities throughout sessions.

Useful links for Reception Parents:

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Count with Me

Reception Baseline Assessment

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Reception and Year 1 Easter Hunt

Every year, at the end of the Spring Term, Reception and Year 1 children join together for a special Easter Egg Hunt. In pairs, the children have to find six (specific!) Easter objects hidden in the Key Stage one areas – inside and out! Once they had filled their egg box with the correct items -they were able to return to the classroom, have their collection checked and enjoy an Easter treat! Some were very tricky to find – expert egg hunting skills were required!

Spring Planters

In Reception class this half term we have been learning all about planting and growing.  Therefore, we were delighted when Castle Gardens in Sherborne donated plants, compost and pots so every child could create a beautiful planter. The children thoroughly enjoyed filling their pots with compost and choosing and potting up their plants. The children planted pansies, violas and red foliage.  It was a busy time looking after the planters until it was time to take them home; the children had to ensure the planters had plenty of sun, enough water (but not too much!) and shelter from the wind. We hope they are surviving well at home and you are continuing to enjoy their blooms. A huge thank you to Castle Gardens for donating all the resources – we are truly grateful.

Smile Dental Care – Dentist Amit visits Reception Class

In March (although a bit later than planned) we welcomed a visit from Amit and his team from Smile Dental Care . Amit showed us photographs from his dental surgery and talked to us about what he does when patients come to see him. Amit showed us some of the dentistry tools he uses and told us how to look after our teeth. At the end of the afternoon every child in the class was given a generous goodie bag to take home!

People Who Help us

The topic focus in Reception class during Spring 1 was ‘People Who Help us’ and during this time we learnt about many different types of jobs, the range of job roles within our local community and we were fortunate enough to welcome some visitors to our class to talk to us about their work. In January, we welcomed Rosie who is a district nurse and she talked about how she helps to look after people who are poorly and need nursing care at home. She showed us some of the equipment she uses and we were able to try using it for ourselves! We also had a visit from Laura Whalley the local PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) and her colleague. They showed us the special police patrol car and the equipment they carry in the car and on their bodies. We took turn to try wearing some of the items of uniform! At the end of January we welcomed some more visitors Emily and Phil brought their Ambulance car to school. We were shown inside the vehicle and we allowed to press the button to turn on the flashing lights! Phil showed us all the medical equipment in special bags in the boot. Emily showed us the equipment she uses to check people’s health when they are poorly. A special ‘Thank you’ to all our visitors this term: Rosalie, Laura, Emily and Phil.

Reception Class Visit Sturminster Newton Library

During the Autumn Term Reception class visited the town library. At the library, we met the librarian, Roseanna. She told us all what the library has to offer, books, CDs, puzzles, Lego club, craft sessions and much more. Roseanna read us one of our favourite stories – Funny Bones by Janet Ahlberg and Allan Ahlberg. After the story, we went on a treasure hunt around the library looking for picture cards taken from the book. This was very exciting! Next, we spent time looking at all the different books and got to choose one to bring back to school – we were also shown how to use the self –service book issuing machine! We will return our books next term and hopefully be able to borrow some more books.