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Super Sandwich making!

We made sandwiches and used the process to help us understand the importance of accurate instructions which the children then wrote. The children then took their sandwiches to the Rec for a picnic and enjoyed some well deserved class reward time at the playpark.

Becoming Scientists…

Year Two really enjoy investigations in Science and have been testing materials to see whether they can be bent, stretched, squashed or twisted. They’ve also been helping the school to find out which paper was the best for absorbing spilt water by testing a range of types of paper and drawing conclusions on which was the most suitable for the job. The winner: party napkins!

ART and Design Technology in Year 2

We are a creative bunch in Year 2. Below is a selection of work from the Autumn Term 2022: Christmas Decorations (DT- Sewing) , Aboriginal Clay Art, Box Habitats (Science and DT skills)

Oral storytelling by Year 2:

An Aboriginal Dreamtime story called ‘How the Birds Got Their Colours’

Summer Term 2022

Our Summer Term topic is Alive and Kicking.

Please click on the following links to see the planned learning for this term.

Summer Term Topic Web      Year 2 Summer Term Curriculum Letter