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Welcome To Year 2

Year 2 have launched into their Australia topic with a special WOW day!

The children had to hand their passports in to the flight attendant before taking their seats ready for take off. On board the children found out what to expect at their destination and which countries and oceans they would be flying over. They even managed to have a little sleep on board!

The rest of the day was spent learning some traditional Australian songs, finding out about the Aboriginal people and some of their traditional customs, making a digeridoo and playing an England V Australia cricket match. England were victorious!

Fantastic foraging!

As part of our Geography learning, Year 2 have been comparing the landscape of Australia and the UK. As part of this learning we have also looked at food that can be foraged from the environment in both countries. This also supports some of our history learning about traditional Aboriginal culture and life in the past in the UK and our DT learning about understanding where food comes from. We made delicious apple and blackberry crumbles using fruit that was found growing wild in the Recreation Ground!

Oral storytelling by Year 2:

An Aboriginal Dreamtime story called ‘How the Birds Got Their Colours’

Spring Term 2022

Year 2 are stepping back in time this term with their History focused ‘Explorers’ Topic. Please click on the links below to see what we will be learning this term.

Spring Term 2022 Explorers Topic Web

Spring Term 2022 Letter to Parents





We launched our spring term History topic by having an Explorer WOW day!

The children were challenged to do some research at home to find out facts about an explorer that inspires them – past or present – and bring an object in to school with the clues for the class to try and guess who the explorer was. We learnt about some very well know explorers from the past like Ernest Shackelton and Yuri Gagarin as well as some recent explorers like Mark Beaumont and Bear Grylls. We also learnt how to become brilliant Historians by looking at artefacts from the past and we also planned an exploration of our own using some giant world maps.

Summer Term 2022

Our Summer Term topic is Alive and Kicking.

Please click on the following links to see the planned learning for this term.

Summer Term Topic Web      Year 2 Summer Term Curriculum Letter