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School Council

The School Councillors for 2020/2021 are

Pupil Voice is an important aspect of our school and we are committed to listening to and acting upon suggestions that our children have for ways to improve our school as well as supporting our children in issues that they feel passionate about.

The School Council comprises representative pupils from each year group. Each year in September, school council members are elected by each class.  The children have one vote each and the two children with the most votes become members of the school council. The school council meets regularly and enables pupils to have a voice and make a real contribution to school life.  Each class has a pupil voice box which is brought to every school council meeting and suggestions from pupils are discussed at the meetings. The children then decide which suggestions can be supported by the school council and are brought to the attention Mrs Wrixon and the teaching staff for further discussion. The school council children are also representatives of the children of the school and are fantastic ambassadors for the school when we receive visitors or are out in the community.

This year’s school council members are

Reception – Gracie and Archie

Year 1 – Thomas and Robyn

Year 2 – Gabi and Jamie

Year 3 – Evie and Ezra

Year 4 – Noah and Beau

Year 5 – Ella and Albie

Year 6 – Tilly and Marcin

Raising money to redecorate the swimming pool changing rooms

Healthy Playtime Snacks for KS2 children

More playground equipment for KS2

Pupil Voice class box suggestions

The School Council decided that they are going to sell healthy snacks on the KS2 playground every Friday for one term (starting Spring 1) and they will use money raised towards the redecoration project.

Purchase new play equipment for KS1

Pupil Voice class box suggestion

The School Council children created a survey and gave up a few play times to interview as many KS1 children as possible, asking them about which parts of the playground they liked and what they thought they would like improved. The School Councillors then collated the results of the survey and chose equipment for the school to purchase. The new scooters and football goals are very popular!

Collecting, sorting and delivery food to Vale Pantry, our local food bank

Reducing the number of plastic straws

Pupil Voice suggestion

Children in Year 4 began to feel passionate about reducing plastic waste in school after learning about the impact of plastic on our oceans. They approached school council with a suggestion to reduce the use of plastic straws that come with the school milk. Initially, the company just stopped sending straws at our request but now we have milk from glass milk bottles, saving thousands of straws a year!

Terracyle Recycling Project