The School Council

The school councillors for 2016/2017 are

Year one -  Lacey Brighton-Holt and Jack Coad

Year two - Rosie Avery and Thomas Selby, Lola Joseph and Jaden Young

Year three -  Lexi Ayres and Rhys Rimini

Year four - Finlay O'Donelll and Lina Felsa

Year five - Jack Willoughby and Evie watts

Year six - Alysa Stirling and Bailey Hookins

The School Council comprises representative pupils from each year group. It meets regularly and enables pupils to have a voice and make a real contribution to school life.

Each year in September, school council members are elected by each class.  The children have one vote each and the two children with the most votes become members of the school council.  The representatives from year 6 also get a chance to attend the Pyramid council meeting, where children from all the local primary schools meet to discuss issues and solve problems.

As we invited representatives from the Town Council, the District Council and the County Council to our Centenary celebrations,  the older members of our school council were able to meet them and discuss the role of councillors in Dorset.  They also showed the visitors round the school and explained our Centenary exhibition to them. We are now planning to meet with the Town Council to discuss future developments in our town. This year the school council have organised a poster competition during Anti bullying week.