Year 3 Egyptian Day

On Tuesday 3Q and 3N enjoyed being Ancient Egyptians.  We made delicious hot dog mummies from tinned sausages and pastry.  This was the most popular activity.  Nearly everybody dressed up with eye make up and people wore headdresses.  After break both classes did a treasure hunt around the school.  One of the clues blew away in the bad weather then Finley found it.  We also practise an Egyptian dance.  In the afternoon we learnt about Mummification and how they used to stick a hook up the body's nose and mush up the brain.  It was disgusting!

Written by Honey, Finley and Alice.

Spring 2018

The Spring Term is underway and we have many exciting activities planned.  Our main topic this term is Ancient Egypt and a summary of the curriculum is as follows:

Subject: Spring 1 Spring 2

Narrative – Egyptian Adventure Story


Narrative – Familiar Settings

Shape Poetry


Number & Place Value

Adding & Subtracting

Multiplication & Division

Measurement - Money


Addition & Subtraction

Multiplication & Division




Science Animals including humans Forces & Magnets

Ancient Egypt:




Family Life

Achievements in early civilization

Egyptian Tombs

Ancient Egypt:

Life & Death in the Valley of the Kings.


French Traditional Stories & Songs Action Vocabulary
RE Christianity – Jesus’ Miracles Christianity - Easter
PSHCE Dreams & Goals Healthy Me
Art & DT

Hieroglyphics – Clay Tiles

Semi-Abstract Egyptian compositions

Canopic Jars


Egyptian Pulley

Music The Human Body Dragon Scales






Technology in our Lives

SCRATCH – Music Machine


Internet Safety

Dates for your diary:

16.1.18 – Egyptian Day.  We would like to give the children a chance to immerse themselves in the Ancient Egyptian way of life with a full day of planned hands on activities.  We would welcome any parent volunteers to come in and help for either part or the full day.  Please let us know if you are available.

Some reminders:


Please continue to read at least 3 times a week with your child and complete the reading journal activities regularly.  Reading journals should be in school daily and will be checked every Monday.



It is important that Mathletics homework is completed.  It supports your child’s learning in class and gives them an opportunity to apply their knowledge in other contexts which encourages a greater depth of learning.  Please support your child in completing these activities and if you have any on-going concerns please do not hesitate to come and see me.

Times Tables Homework

Please continue to complete the Maths homework included in your child’s Maths Homework folder.  Homework Folders will be checked every Thursday.



PE will continue to be on a Monday and Friday for 3Q.  There is a slight change for 3N who will now do PE on the same days Monday and Friday.  Please ensure your child has a complete PE kit in school all the time that includes suitable footwear for both indoor and outdoor PE (pumps and trainers) along with appropriate clothing for the cold weather (Tracksuits or leggings and a jumper).


Many thanks for your continued support.

Happy Roald Dahl Day! Wednesday 13th September

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who joined us for our Dahlistic Art Workshop.  The children had a great time making Party hats, Roly Poly Birds, Dream jars, placements and BFG ears.  We also managed to create our very own Big Friendly Giant out of a range of materials who is now displayed in the hall with his dream jars.  The morning was a fantastic start to our topic on Roald Dahl and many of the activities could not have been achieved without the support the children had.  The children said:

“I enjoyed having my mum come to help” Chloe

“I liked using lots of glue” Belle

“I enjoyed drawing our own ideas” Alice “and recording my actual dream” Ellie-May

Maisie said “I enjoyed making the ears and looking like the BFG”


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