Year 1


Autumn Term 2019

Phonics Resources

Please use the following links to access some fun, free sites where you can find games and activities to support your child’s phonics learning.

The first link will take you to a video that shows how we say all the sounds.

Year One Phonics Screening Check June 2019

In June, every Year 1 child will be taking the statutory phonics screening check. Year Two children who did not meet the threshold standard will retake the screen. The check takes place during the week beginning June 10th 2019

The check is very like tasks the children already complete during phonics lessons.

The purpose of the check is to provide evidence of children’s decoding and blending skills, not to test their vocabulary.

What does the Phonics Screen look like?

The checks consist of 40 words and non-words that your child will be asked to read one-to-one with their class teacher. Alien words (or made up words, or nonsense words, or pseudo words, or non-words) are a collection of letters that will follow phonics rules your child

has been taught, but don’t mean anything – your child will need to read these with the correct sounds to show that they understand the phonics rules behind them. 

The 40 words and non-words are divided into two sections – one with simple word structures of three or four letters, and one with more complex word structures of five or six letters. The teacher administering the check with your child will give them a few practice words to read first – including some alien words – so they understand more about what they must do. Each of the alien words is presented with a picture of a monster / alien, as if the

word was their name (and so your child doesn't think the word is a mistake because it doesn't make sense!).

Scoring and communicating the results

Your child will be scored against a national standard, and the main result will be whether they fall below or within this standard. For the past four phonic screening checks the pass threshold has been 32, which means children had to read at least 32 out of 40 words correctly. The threshold mark is usually communicated towards the end of June, after the test has been taken, so that teachers can mark the screen. 

You will be told the outcome of the screen for your child in their annual report in July. If your child’s score falls below the standard, they will be given extra phonics help and will have to re-take the Phonics screening check in Year 2.

What can you do to help prepare your child for the Phonics Screen Check?

You can help your child prepare for their Phonics Screening Check by going over the phonics they’ve learned in Reception and Year 1. Read new books and stories with them where they will be introduced to new words that they’ll have to sound out,  and review the phonics sounds and rules.

If you need replacement copies of the sound mats we use in class to support the children please come and ask

There are also several websites that have fun, free activities to support your child’s phonics learning (see below) and there are numerous apps available for smart phones and I pad. 

Useful Websites