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Several features have been included in the construction of this site to aid accessibility for readers with visual impairments:
Text size :
this can be adjusted using the text size controls in your browser. Go to 'view' > 'text size' then select your preferred size.
Access keys:
Acessibility information, our privacy policy, the sitemap and the search facility as well as the 8 main sections of the site can be selected using your keyboard. Use the 'Alt' key and select the appropriate letter, then return:
  • Alt + x - accessibility
  • Alt + p - Privacy policy
  • Alt + h - Home
  • Alt + i - Information
  • Alt + s - Staff
  • Alt + c - Classes
  • Alt + l - Calendar
Tab key
The tab key can be used to select each of the available pages in order. Select return when the required page is highlighted.
As far as possible, links have text associated with them. On rollover, this text will pop up, and can be 'seen' by a screen reader.
Alt tags
'Alt tags' are used extensively on this site to give a description of the various images in it. On rollover, this description will pop up, and can be 'seen' by a screen reader