Important Information : Internet Safety Week 2019

Each year the potential of the internet to influence and enhance the lives of parents and children continues to grow. 

At the same time, the potential risks and dangers when the internet is used unsafely also increase and change from year to year.  To help children to make wise choices when they use the internet, the children at William Barnes will be completing activities in class to increase their understanding in the run up to half term.  Mr Hull will also be giving a presentation to parents about the latest developments in internet safety which has been distributed to schools by the Child Exploitation and Online Prevention (CEOP) command, part of the UK's National Crime Agency.  A text will be sent out when the date is confirmed.  A couple of very useful links below will enable you as a parent or carer to understand the issues that the teachers will be exploring with your child in class.  Please look at them and ask your child what he/she has been learning about in class.

Please click here to download a resource sheet that is given out to those attending the parent's presentation.

If you have any concerns regarding your child's on line safety then please see your class teacher, Mr Hull or Mrs Wrixon.