All 55 Club Targets Now Available

Following a number of requests from parents across the whole school, the latest 55 club target sheets are now available for you to download. 

As you will be aware, the 55 club is a structured program of mini tests that the children work through as they progress from reception class to year 6.  Tests normally take place each Friday and last five minutes.

There are two sets of target tests, one for multiplication and division and the other for addition and subtraction.  By the end of year 4, children should have reached target 18 in the addition and subtaction targets (the last one), and target 32 in the multiplication and division targets.

 In June 2020 year 4 will sit a national online times tables test to check that they have reached this standard.

To find the targets, click on the Teaching Learning tab, then choose Mathematics.  The targets are about half way through the document if you scroll down.