William Barnes 2nd in Dorset for More Able Children

William Barnes 2nd in Dorset for Children Reaching Higher Standards

Every year the Government publishes the results of public examinations and these results are put into school league tables. 

As parents everywhere know, reducing the wide ranging impact a school has on the children and the community it serves, to the end of year exam results, is a simplistic approach to measuring the success of a school.  Exam results fluctuate from one year to another as the distribution of different abilities within a cohort naturally vary, independent of the quality of teaching.

Despite this, staff, parents and governors at William Barnes have been very pleased to see that in this year’s school league tables, the school has come second in all of Dorset for the percentage of its children reaching the “higher standards” in the end of year 6 SATs tests.  The ethos at William Barnes is summed up in the school’s mission statement “where every child counts”; whatever the ability or potential of the intake at the school, the teachers and teaching assistants do there utmost to enable the children to achieve what they are capable of.  It is therefore very heartening for all those involved that this year the more able children at William Barnes have done so well compared to other schools across the county.  These results followed on from last Spring’s glowing Ofsted report and a second consecutive Gold mark for competitive sport was awarded in the Autumn term.