After School Club Opens in September

Following a recent consultation with the school community, staff, children and parents are very excited that the school will be able to offer an on-site after school club for the first time, at the start of the Autumn term.

Although the school has “sign posted” parents to other facilities within the town for many years, parents have never been able to leave their children at one safe and secure site for the whole working day.  However, from September, the school will be offering “wrap around” child care, enabling parents to use one site before, during and after school.  The cost will be £3 per hour and will run monday to friday in term time only.

Home Grown Solution for William Barnes After School Club  Governors have appointed Mrs Morris as childcare supervisor and Phyllis Oliver as a childcare worker to manage after school care.  This allows the club to be run according to the school ethos, encapsulated in the phrase “where every child counts.”  The club will run from 3.15 until 5.15 five days a week, and will take place in the school library.  Children will be able to play board games, finish homework and use the school’s IT facilities including iPADS and laptops.  Healthy snacks will also be available to keep children properly nourished before they are collected by their parents.  If children wish to take part in extra curricular activities, these will finish at 4.15 allowing children to join the after school club for the second hour.

Private Companies Just Too Expensive When looking into the viability of an after school club at the school, Mrs Wrixon’s main priority was to ensure that the provision would be affordable.  Speaking to private companies who offered a fully managed service to schools, she was shocked to discover that parents would be expected to pay as much as £12 for a minimum of 2 hours child care, with parents wanting only one hour of care still having to pay the full amount.  Parents sending two children to the club would then face a bill of £24 for one after school session and this was felt to be an realistic expectation for most parents.