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Year 6 Personification Poetry

Year 6 have just completed a short unit on Personification Poetry, where they read many poems which described objects and animals as if they had human feelings, actions, thoughts, speech and questions. After practising, they turned their attention to the small oak tree in the playground, which was planted to celebrate the school's centenary. After considering the tree's personification, they worked in pairs to create a short verse. They spent much time editing, considering different words, line breaks and punctuation. I'm sure you will agree the end result is stunning. Well done Year 6; another triumph!

Little Oak 100


As he giggled and played with the rushing wind,

He did not feel understood; he was younger

Wanting the other trees to respect his significance.

And how proud he was

Representing something special.

Autumn comes; happiness comes with it,

“I love Autumn,” the tree would shout.

But he did feel special.

And he was!


Paige and Dyllon


At first, excited to be new;

Responsibilities, making friends, a brand new life,

Impatient to get out, I burst through the surface,

Not even realising my leaves hadn’t grown,

Looking around Big Oak, Apple Twins and Leafy

Laughing at me, all of them,

Humiliation kicking,

A leaf shed



Harrison and Alysa







Roots push down,

Down past wriggling worms,

Branches wanting up,

Sunshine desire.

I wonder if the weird figures

Dig me up?


Alice and Jack





Little tree fidgeting

With too much excitement to hold in,

Impatient to explore his wonderful future.

“What will I see?

What will I learn?

How will I grow?” he wonders,

He waves to his BTFs (best trees forever)

Waving branches returned

To the little tree with a big heart -

A tree of Celebration.


Bailey and Rosie








I feel cold,


My friends staring at me

With their warm coats on.

There are mushrooms growing around me.

I thought I was special;

I’m not.

I’m just a silly little tree.


Daisy and Elwira




Watching the children,

Running and Jumping,

He feels ganged-up on;

Left out.

Feels proud and glad to be

Where he is,

But still doesn’t know his speciality,

Just like a prince.


Bethan and Jasper






I’m lonely,

Other trees tower above me

And make fun of my size.

Autumn leaves hit me,

I cry; they laugh again.

One thing I adore -

Watching children play.

I’m just attached to a wooden pole, some string

Can’t wait until I am big,

I can finally fit in.


Jasmine and Courtney


Shivering with cold,

Sad, dry, brown leaves fall to the grass.

No leafy jumper anymore.

“When will I grow into my beautiful new green leaves?” she wants to know,

“Don’t touch my precious leaves,” she shouts,

As the children kick them, remembering her many warm leaves

Admired by all.