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December 2017.

Haiku …

Little poems which say so much …

Lions disappear

Why poach? Wild hunting trophy

Prides running scared


Run through snowy times

Echoed memories of fear

How soul-crushed are you?


Dying out veins sad

Crack, rip my dead veinless skin

Flying down heaven


The old leaf boy

Why do we drop in Autumn?

Drop to leaf heaven


My running fox

Why do people hate you so?

Could I be friendly?


Loaf of chestnut fur

Forever bundle of sweet joy

Fawn, sparkling eyes


Can you infer the subject of these Haikus ?

Year 6 Personification Poetry

Year 6 have just completed a short unit on Personification Poetry, where they read many poems which described objects and animals as if they had human feelings, actions, thoughts, speech and questions. After practising, they turned their attention to the small oak tree in the playground, which was planted to celebrate the school's centenary. After considering the tree's personification, they worked in pairs to create a short verse. They spent much time editing, considering different words, line breaks and punctuation. I'm sure you will agree the end result is stunning. Well done Year 6; another triumph!

Little Oak 100


As he giggled and played with the rushing wind,

He did not feel understood; he was younger

Wanting the other trees to respect his significance.

And how proud he was

Representing something special.

Autumn comes; happiness comes with it,

“I love Autumn,” the tree would shout.

But he did feel special.

And he was!


Paige and Dyllon


At first, excited to be new;

Responsibilities, making friends, a brand new life,

Impatient to get out, I burst through the surface,

Not even realising my leaves hadn’t grown,

Looking around Big Oak, Apple Twins and Leafy

Laughing at me, all of them,

Humiliation kicking,

A leaf shed



Harrison and Alysa







Roots push down,

Down past wriggling worms,

Branches wanting up,

Sunshine desire.

I wonder if the weird figures

Dig me up?


Alice and Jack





Little tree fidgeting

With too much excitement to hold in,

Impatient to explore his wonderful future.

“What will I see?

What will I learn?

How will I grow?” he wonders,

He waves to his BTFs (best trees forever)

Waving branches returned

To the little tree with a big heart -

A tree of Celebration.


Bailey and Rosie








I feel cold,


My friends staring at me

With their warm coats on.

There are mushrooms growing around me.

I thought I was special;

I’m not.

I’m just a silly little tree.


Daisy and Elwira




Watching the children,

Running and Jumping,

He feels ganged-up on;

Left out.

Feels proud and glad to be

Where he is,

But still doesn’t know his speciality,

Just like a prince.


Bethan and Jasper






I’m lonely,

Other trees tower above me

And make fun of my size.

Autumn leaves hit me,

I cry; they laugh again.

One thing I adore -

Watching children play.

I’m just attached to a wooden pole, some string

Can’t wait until I am big,

I can finally fit in.


Jasmine and Courtney


Shivering with cold,

Sad, dry, brown leaves fall to the grass.

No leafy jumper anymore.

“When will I grow into my beautiful new green leaves?” she wants to know,

“Don’t touch my precious leaves,” she shouts,

As the children kick them, remembering her many warm leaves

Admired by all.



Year 6 give advice!

PGL Advice for Year 5.

Hey Year 6! What a wonderful opportunity you have been given. Next year, you will be on your way to PGL in the Autumn Term.


At PGL, you do lot of activities. Here are some of the activities we did:

 *Abseiling *The Giant Swing *RaftBuilding 

 *Zip Wire  *Trapeze *Archery

When you do abseiling, your harness will be checked 3 times and all of the clips get checked. You will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do.

 PGL Staff

When you are at PGL, you are always with an adult.

The staff, who are extremely nice, will support you when you are doing any activity. They check everything before you go on the equipment. When you are scared, it makes the activity even more exciting. Your leader will be really helpful. Our leader, who was called Cameron, came and played football with us. The staff will be wearing PGL coat or jumper.


Your friends will always be supporting you and cheering you on. The PGL staff never force you to do anything; you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Even if you get to the top of the abseiling tower, you just walk back down the ladders.

If you have any concerns, come and speak to myself or any other Year 6.


Well done to Alice for such a well-written piece of work in this month's HomeTalkSchoolWrite. She has worked hard to include:

* Several sentences beginning with a subordinate clause

* A very engaging opener - Year 5 will be hooked into reading.

* Bullet points introduced with a semi-colon.

* A semi-colon

* A closer, which  engages the reader and looks to the future, in terms of more support for Year 5.

Well done Alice.





Thank You PGL !


After a thrilling 3 days at PGL, Weymouth, Year 6 sat down to write thankyou letters to all the adults who had made it happen.

Congratulations Jack for a fantastic piece of writing. This is his letter to Ben, who was the instructor on The Giant Swing and The Zip-Wire.

Dear Ben,

     I am writing to thank you because of all the fantastic fun that you gave us.

      I think everyone enjoyed the greatness you brought us. An amazing thankyou for giving us an extra turn on the giant swing I’m pretty sure that you worked extremely hard to give us an extra turn. Because you gave us a helpful and clear explanation, we knew what to do and we were safe. Also, I would like to thank you for putting my leg straps down my leg; they were hurting.

     It was really funny when I dropped the zip-wire rope on to your head (I hope I didn’t hurt you). It made me laugh when you gave me and my friend a nervous count down. My favourite activity I did with you was the giant- swing.

      Another thankyou for being really helpful. I hope you have a really good time at amazing PGL.

 Yours sincerely,


Jack has managed to show off many of his writing improvements:                         

*he has paragraphed his work

* he has used a dash, a semi-colon and brackets

* he has avoided Also, Also, Also and found other ways to introduce each thankyou.

* he has included feelings and events to ensure his thankyous sound genuine

* the layout is correct and he has spelt 'sincerely' accurately

* he has also developed many of his personal targets: capital letters for pronouns, not starting sentences with 'And' and reading through his work before calling it finished.

* he has used a sentence beginning with a subordinate clause to vary the order of his sentences and so that they do not all start with the subject.

Well done Jack. Keep up the great progress!

Well done also to Dyllon for another well written letter. He chose to write to Mrs Snow and show his appreciation for the time she gave by coming on the trip. Here is a short section of  the letter.

Thank you for going on The Giant Swing with me. It was fun. Another big thankyou for the hot chocolates; they were so nice. And this is the biggest thankyou of all - thank you for being the BEST TA EVER and for making me feel safe at the disco and activities at PGL.

Well done Dyllon. Great progress with your writing.